Hurricane Upgrade

Precision Hurricane Garage Door Upgrade

Every Hurricane Upgrade Package is customized for your door using the parts shown below and will be about half the cost of installing a new hurricane garage door.

If you are looking for peace of mind, we can upgrade your existing door with our Hurricane Upgrade package. If you are in need of wind migration points as required by your insurance carrier to qualify for lower premiums, we can install a Miami-Dade Wind Load and Impact rated hurricane door to meet your cities building code requirements.

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You will feel more at ease the next time a hurricane is coming when you've eliminated your number 1 vulnerability, your garage door. Please call today and let us help protect your home from the next hurricane.

1. 3" Wide Galvanized Reinforcement Struts

These reinforcement struts run the entire width of your garage door. Four to six reinforced struts will be added. More struts=more protection

2. Additional Jamb Brackets

Additional Jamb Brackets are added to help strengthen the track and keep it attached to the wall during intense hurricane winds.

3. Concrete Anchors

Concrete anchors are used to keep the wood jambs (framing) secured to the house.

4. Commercial Hinges

Heavy duty 14 guage commercial hinges are used to replace typical 18 guage residential hinges for additional reinforcement.

5. 7" Stem - 13 Ball Bearing - Sealed - Neoprene Rollers

7" stem neoprene rollers are added. This helps insure the rollers don't slip out of the end of a hinge during intense hurricane winds.

Additionally, you will notice how quiet these make the garage door.

6. New Springs

New Bigger Springs are used to replace the existing springs. These springs will lift the added weight of the garage door.

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